Message from the Chair

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as your chair of the Fort Collins Group but must admit that It is humbling to follow in the footsteps of Ward Wicker, our chair for the last three years. What a remarkable tenure.

I joined the CMC as a Friend of the CMC while in Honduras in 1992. I had come to Colorado for a short time to prepare for retirement and discovered the CMC and, as they say, “the rest is history”. Over the course of several years, I attended the Basic Mountaineering Course, Rock Lead Course, became a Trip Leader and went on to become an instructor and co-director in the Basic Mountaineering Course. Over my 26 years in the Group, I’ve enjoyed meeting and hiking with remarkable people from all across the State and nation.

In the upcoming year, I hope the council can build upon the legacy left by Ward. I know that every member of the council is committed to providing a safe and rewarding experience for our membership through a wide variety of trips, schools, and activities. Over the next year, we must work closely with the CMC at the State level to address pressing issues related to training, instructor competencies, land use, and a host of other concerns. I am confident the council is up to the challenge and I encourage you to contact me or any member of the council with questions, suggestions, or concerns. I look forward to working for you as your chair and hope to see you on the trail.

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